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Forum 1: Learning to become

Change-oriented education in a world in transformation (englischsprachig)

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Montag, 20. Juni 202214:30 Uhr16:00 Uhr


Raum Schumann-Saal

The forum "Learning to become: change-oriented education in a world in transformation" is dedicated to the challenges adult education is facing in the context of complex changes in the world: The impact of digitalization and climate change, shifts in global architecture with new emerging powers, and widening social and economic gaps within societies and between regions are creating new realities. Europe is facing a growing number of migrants in a situation where democratic rules are being challenged in many countries and demographic change towards an aging society is gaining momentum. Many people are frightened, feel lost and react by following populist movements that promise easy solutions.

This forms the background of a global debate on the redefinition of education, which is expected to equip citizens with skills that enable them to actively participate in the process of change. What new concepts are being put forward here? How can adult education ensure that social cohesion is strengthened and that no one is left behind? How can values of solidarity be communicated locally, on the European and global level?


Constanze Abratzky


Constanze Abratzky is a journalist, media coach and moderator. As a parliamentary correspondent, she has followed politicians and the policy-making process. As a media trainer at DW Akademie, she advocates for the right of all people to free access to information. Her main areas of work there are consulting and leadership training, strategy development and communications consulting. She works with public and private clients in Europe, Africa and Asia. She is also a main presenter of the daily news programme PHOENIX-tv. As a moderator of panel discussions, she loves to explore topics in depth.

Uwe Gartenschlaeger

Uwe Gartenschlaeger, M.A, studied History, Political Science and Philosophy at the Universities of Berlin and Cologne. In 1995 he joined DVV International, the Institute for International Cooperation of the German Adult Education Association. Within the institute, he held the positions of Country Director in Russia and Regional Director in Central Asia and Southeast-Asia Since 2019, Uwe Gartenschlaeger is DVV International’s Deputy Director and President of the European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA), the main European ALE network with around 120 members from 43 countries.


Sobhi Tawil

Sobhi Tawil (PhD) is Director of Future of Learning and Innovation at UNESCO. He has over 30 years of experience in teaching, education policy analysis, research and program management with diverse institutions and organizations, including the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), the Graduate Institute for International and Development Studies (Geneva), the Network for Education Policy Research Review (NORRAG), and the International Institute for Higher Education (Rabat). Sobhi Tawil holds a PhD in Education and Development and a Masters in Comparative Education from the University of Geneva.

Katarina Popovic

Katarina Popović, PhD is Professor at the Department for Andragogy, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade, Serbia. She is also Secretary General of the International Council for Adult Education (ICAE), President of the Serbian Adult Education Society, vice-president of ISCAE – International Society for Comparative Adult Education, co-chair of the Academia and Education Stakeholder Group and member of Coordination Mechanisms in HLPF platform (UN SDG review process). She is editor in chief of the journal “Andragogical studies”, author of numerous publications about adult learning and education, and certified trainer (Swiss) in adult education.

Lene Rachel Andersen


Lene Rachel Andersen is an economist, author, futurist, Bildung activist, and a full member of the Club of Rome. After studying business economy for three years, she worked as a temp teacher before she studied theology. During her studies, she wrote entertainment for Danish television until she decided to quit theology, become a fulltime writer and focus on technological development, big history and the future of humanity. Since 2005, Andersen has written 20 books and she has received two Danish democracy awards. Among her books are The Nordic Secret (2017), Metamodernity (2019), Bildung: Keep Growing! (2020), and What is Bildung? (2021).

Sabin Müller

Sabin Müller is co-head of the TRANSIT think tank at the Swiss Association for Continuing Education (SVEB). The interdisciplinary think tank deals with social trends and their significance for the future of continuing education. In 2022, TRANSIT will focus on the topic of flexibilisation, be it the flexibilisation of lifestyles, of forms of work or also of sources of knowledge. Sabin Müller has a background in community development and has implemented participatory projects in Switzerland, southern Africa and Latin America. She is involved in civil society initiatives in the field of migration and also dealt with agile project management and organisational development in civil society movements in her MBA.

Julia von Westerholt

Julia von Westerholt is the Director of the German Adult Education Association (DVV) in Bonn. After working in the media, culture and education sectors, she has held positions of increasing responsibility at the Federal Association of the German Red Cross in Berlin since 2011, most recently as Head of Marketing and Deputy Head of Marketing, Communication and Fundraising. Julia von Westerholt holds a degree in economics from the University of Bonn. She is a trained television editor and certified foundation manager of the German Foundation Academy. She has been Association Director of the German Adult Education Association since April 2020.

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